Whether an individual or business we give you the best tools to collect, organise and verify information about customers’ business and personal bank accounts in a fast and secure way.

No more bank statements

Reduced costs

Simpler payment processes

We create products and services built on Open Banking. With our armalytix service we make your financial life better by making your processes fast, simple, secure and cost effective. To find out more about armalytix, get in touch below:

Solving industry challenges

Industry faces key challenges from regulations designed to ensure customer safety and tackle financial crime that impact both business and individuals:

Getting financial information from customers is time-consuming
Proving it is difficult
Information is quickly out of date
Fraud is rising
Personal finances are becoming more complex

This leaves you with costly processes that impact customer experience. With our products and services, we solve these issues.

About us

We came together to make banking and finance better for you – our team brings together the expertise and experience of senior executives from the worlds of finance and technology. We were at the forefront of making electronic trading a global success and we’ve seen the parallels and opportunities with Open Banking that we believe will make it an equal success.

Our mission is to provide the best tools for you to collect, organise and send information about bank accounts, empowering you to make Open Banking work for you in a secure and controlled way.

We know finance, we know technology and we make products and services that create a better way of doing things.

Meet the team

Mike Ward, Executive Chairman

Mike holds a degree in accountancy but resisted the lure of accounting and has spent his career working in finance. During a 20-year career in investment banking Mike has worked closely with Richard, Tony, Betina and Jason in his roles as co-Head of EMEA equities at Nomura and Head of European Equity Sales at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Most recently Mike has been a director of Global Prime Partners Ltd and invests in a number of early stage businesses. Mike co-founded Armadillo when he saw the opportunity to harness open banking to create products that make banking and finance work better for customers.

Mike is a keen but not necessarily talented skier who is discovering the hard way he doesn’t bounce like he used to


Richard McCall, Chief Executive Officer

Richard is a qualified Aerospace Engineer and Chartered Accountant, and spent several years working with Mike at Merrill Lynch in a variety of roles encompassing systems, processes and algorithmic trading.  Following that he spent 5 years at Sun Trading, a technology-driven proprietary market-making firm where as the Managing Director of their European Operations he was responsible for delivery and support of regulatory, operational and technology infrastructure.  Richard likes running and cycling, and tries not to fall off his bike more than once a month if he can


Jason Oates, Chief Technology Officer

Jason started his career as a Medical Physicist in the NHS before deciding to trade his white coat for a keyboard and joining a financial software house.  Jason moved to Lehman Brothers in 1999 where he developed their first generation of electronic trading platforms and met Tony. In 2004 Jason relocated to Japan to run APAC Execution Services Technology team and spent 4 winters enjoying Japan’s amazing powder snow. He returned to the UK in 2008 and joined Nomura to run Execution Services Technology globally, where Mike was one of his key clients. Most recently, Jason ran Equity Cash and Electronic trading technology at HSBC before leaving to pursue his Fintech passions full time


Tony Walker, Executive Director Business Development

Tony’s first career was as a Pilot in the RAF – an obvious career step to Investment Banking.

Tony joined Lehman Brothers in 2000 in the nascent electronic trading business, which quickly became the largest equity trading business in Europe. Tony joined Merrill Lynch in 2006 and helped establish the electronic trading franchise for clients. During this period the market experienced unprecedented change as a result of MiFID 1, with clear parallels to the introduction of Open Banking.

In 2016 Tony left Merrill to concentrate on Hedkayse Ltd, a unique multi-impact cycle helmet that he and the team invented. You may see him cycling the streets of London and beyond with another prototype helmet being trialled. 

Tony is also a non-executive director of Citadel Securities Europe (Ltd)


David Russell, Business Development

David graduated with a business degree, subsequently training as a chartered accountant.  After making his escape from the accounting world, he spent the next 25 years working in financial services, principally in risk and treasury and has held senior positions across the worlds of both listed and OTC derivatives including the roles of Credit Director and then Group Treasurer at IG Group PLC.  David’s most recent role was at Global Prime Partners Ltd where he worked alongside Mike.

David is a keen cyclist (yet to score a free helmet from Tony) and a bad cricketer, frequently forced to show his lack of skill bowling at his cricket-mad son


Betina Wolf-Andersen, Strategy

Betina has spent most of her career in the investment management industry. She launched and managed a CTA/discretionary macro fund for Tiresias Capital in Geneva, then returned to her native Denmark to manage a $500mn internal hedge fund for ATP. In 2013 she co-founded QLO Capital Ltd, a family office/proprietary trading business, where she is still a director today.

This and the arrival of 2 children and a Doberman puppy wasn’t enough to occupy her time, so she embarked upon a full-time MSc in Public Health Science. Her studies focused on population behaviour and culture in the context of health and wellbeing, research methodology and social capital theory. Since graduating, she has lectured at university and undertaken research on behalf of the National Pharmacy Association.

If she had any free time, Betina would be spending it on horseback, dabbling with fitness… and sleeping.


Matt Ward, Brand & Content

Matt has spent more than 20 years at the senior end of the creative industry. Bringing together creative, commercial and technology through content, design, partnership, marketing, product and more. Working across start-ups, agencies and corporates, Matt began in the music industry in independent labels before heading up music for O2. He moved to publishing and mobile with the Guardian before looking across the whole creative industry and applications of advanced technology with the Digital Catapult.

As well as the culture and creativity of all these endeavours Matt is also a craft beer fan, attempting to legitimise that beyond just the drinking of it he has also run his own bottle shop and bar. He enjoys the punishment of following cricket and aspires to the title of home cook


Sam Roberts, Software Engineer

Adding a youthful element to the Armadillo team, Sam came from an International Relations background before discovering the world of Computer Science – working on decentralised voting systems using Ethereum blockchain before joining Armadillo. These moves have taught him to love being thrown in at the deep end and Sam holds the honour of being both the most senior and the most junior developer for Armadillo Financial Technologies.

Whilst Sam could spend all of his time playing video games, he tries to balance this out by reluctantly participating in triathlons and various other sports – when he manages to pull his head out of the cloud.

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a revolution in banking and finance. It has opened-up a way for you to digitally and securely share information previously locked away.

Closed banking - the past

Every time you dealt with a customer you had to get them to provide difficult proof. Every time you dealt with someone new you had to go through the whole thing again. Every time their data was at risk.

Open banking – the future

No more proof and forms. Customers can digitally and securely share their information with you. This is all regulated by the UK & EU and uses standards independently developed by the UK government to remove risk and make sure the information is secure.

Watch the video below for more information on Open Banking

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The company

Armadillo Financial Technologies

Incorporated in England
Company Number 11828727

Bridge House,
181 Queen Victoria Street,

Armadillo and armalytix are trading names of Armadillo Financial Technologies Limited. Armadillo Financial Technologies Limited is registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Account Information Service Provider to offer access to financial data in compliance with PSD2/Open Banking in the pan-European space. Financial Conduct Authority Registration number 911236.

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Trust & Security

We only view transactions and account information. We do not and cannot move money, make payments or control accounts. We use UK and EU servers to securely store information. We use 256-bit bank-level security. We do not have access to account logins.

Armadillo is a member of CiSP – the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) set up by the National Cyber Security Centre (NSCC.

We believe that you should be in control, with all our products and services there is a safe and simple way to stop us using any of your information or for you to delete your account. If you have any questions about this just contact us and we will be happy to help.

If you are unhappy with the response you receive from us you can contact the Financial Ombudsman:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange, London, E14 9SR

0800 023 4567

[email protected]

Need Help?

If you have any questions about our company, please get in touch

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